Bicycle – litter

Born: 08.08.18 Father: IT* Boom Dello StrettoIncantatp, SBI n Mother: CH Shapur Manarola, SBI f Pedigree Blodtype: Aa/Ab Shapur  Merida ,  SBI a female- reserved to Charlotte, Oslo Shapur Wilson,    SBI d   male- reserved for Anne and family, Sola Shapur  Bianchi    , SBI b    female- reserved to Belinda and family, Sandnes […]


Born: 20.07.2018 Mother: Shapur Fia, SBI a Father: IT* Boom Dello StrettoIncantato, SBI n Pedigree Blodtype: Aa/Ab Shapur Mowgli, SBI n   male – reserved to Camilla and family, Bergen Shapur Vaiana, SBI a   female – Keeper Shapur Koda, SBI n      male – reserved to Frode and family, Bergen Shapur Nemo, SBI […]


Mother: Shapur Paros, SBI n Father: CH (N) Tonefjellets Nirvana, SBI c Born: 29.04 Pedigree Blodtype: Ab Shapur Iris            SBI n    female-  keeper Shapur Yasmin    SBI b   female- reserved for Mariann, Stavanger Shapur Rose         SBI b    female- reserved to Marit, Bergen Shapur […]


Born: 05.04.18 Mother: Shapur Violeta, SBI c Father: IT* Boom!! Dello StrettoIncantato, SBI n Pedigree Shapur Smoothie, SBI b male, bloodtype Ab- reserved to Lene and family, Stavanger Shapur Milkshake, SBI a  male, bloodtype Bb- reserved to Knut and family, Stavanger Shapur Cupcake, SBI b female, blood type Ab- Shapur Icecream, SBI n female, blood […]

Star Wars litter

Mother: CH Shapur Escada, SBI a 21 Father: IT* Boom Dello StrettoIncantato, SBI n Pedigree Shapur  Anakin, SBI c 21-  male, bloodtype Ab-sold to Hege, Hamar Shapur Ahsoka, SBI c 21 – female, blood type Ab- sold to Sivert, Stavanger Shapur Leia, SBI a-    female, blood type Aa- reserved to Stephane and family, Bergen […]