Fr. Fryd kull

Birman: The cattery started in 2006. Since then, we have had many litters. You can look at our birmans here

Our main goal is to breed  healthy Sacred Birmans, and we  work towards the Fifè standard.

Kittens. : See kittens page.



We attend cat-shows quite a lot. Most of course- in Norway, but we have been to Sweden, Denmark , Poland Germany, Italy and Tsjekkia  also. Showresults

About us

I’m born in the USA, but my childhood was in Oslo, Norway. I have been living in Stavanger, the «oil-city» in Norway on the south west coast of Norway for over 20 years. I work as a teacher  in school. I have 3 children – Julie, Andreas and Caroline. I  have four grandchildren, Lucas, born 19.08.07 and Emilie, born 8.5.2010 , Ingrid, born feb.12 and Oda November-16 . My husband Odd works as a financial adviser.

We like to attend cat shows quite a lot, and meet other cat-friends there. 🙂

We also like to visit our cabin at Ogna- here i Rogaland, and the family-cabin in the mountains – near Hemsedal ski-resort.

We also travel quite a lot. We have been to Greece, Italy, and many countries in Europe.

Birma og Bengal

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